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  Why Windshield Reminders®?...Because they work!
  Vinyl-cling stickers have proven themselves in the oil-change industry for years as a simple tool to create customer loyalty and frequency.  Now Windshield Reminders® are working just as well for other businesses all across America.
  Are you looking for the missing link to your take-out customers?


The cell phone - icon of the new millennium. More than 283 million Americans own one. Most importantly, the majority of your customers will always have a cell phone in their car — and many make their dinner decisions while driving home...

Stop for groceries? Make reservations at a favorite restaurant? How about Order Take-Out Food?!

Imagine the advertising value when every time your customers are at a stop light they are looking at your logo and phone number! Not like a magnet at home on the fridge, but right in front of them when they are deciding what to do about dinner!

Busy moms love the convenience of
Windshield Reminders®.

Your own customers are 700% more likely to pay you another visit then new customers. Stop advertising to the masses!

Unlease the power of one more visit per customer, per week, per month...

That's a 50% increase in sales, immediately!



The concept is simple – high-quality, four-color, static-cling stickers your customers put in the corner of their windshield. Your logo, and most importantly your phone number, is right there when your customers are in their cars!

The key, of course, is the cell phone or smart phone. Some 283 million Americans own them..

One study reports that over fifty percent of cell phone users have used them to order take-out food. That’s over 140 million people! In a few years there will be 300 million cell phones out there, and most of them are owned by your potential customers.

We’ve been selling Windshield Reminders® for about eight years, and already the response from customers has been remarkable. People who own cell phones see it as a valuable gift. We’ve personally watched as customers immediately applied them to their windshields when they get to their cars. Some stores already have reported a fifty percent jump in their phone-in business.

With the volume we’re doing and the process we have developed, we’re able to keep prices low. In quantity (even with plate changes for each location) we can deliver Windshield Reminders® for about 9¢ each. They are good for a year or so, just a penny a month per customer. There is no better advertising concept out there that we know of, including television, radio, and especially couponing.

  Stop Advertising to the Masses!
  Repeat Business is Good Business!
  Keep Your Customers & Incresase Your Sales!
  Windshield Reminders®... A Simple Way to Ensure Repeat Business!

According to customer retention expert, it costs 5 times more to get a new customer then it does to retain a current one, and thats just monetarily. The actual cost might be higher if you include the time nessary to acquaint them with your restaurant.

Your own customers are 700% more likely to pay you another visit then new customers!


Windshield Reminders® will stick to... Windshields, Refrigerators, Phones, Walls, Office Cubicles, Filing Cabinets... virtually any smooth surface!


Actual size of Reminder Label is 2" x 1½"

Actual size of Reminder Label is 2" x 2½"





3000 - 2" x - 1½" - 3 Color Windshield Reminders®

Only $499.00

Sale Ends June 30, 2010

Quantity 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
2" x 1½" - 1 Color $249 $399 $499 $599 $899
2" x 2½" - 1 Color $349 $499 $599 $699 $999
Each Additional Color $50 $50 $50 $50 $50

Call 1.888.941.4344 for promotional pricing or multiple store discounts.

Prices include all set-up, art work, proof, plate changes, and shipping costs.

  Who's using Windshield Reminders®?
  5 out of 6 of the major pizza company's are using them today!
  Outback Steakhouse uses them in over 300 different locations nationwide!
  Still Skeptical?

Here's what Windshield Reminders® customers

have to say about their success...

"Ingenious! My take-out customers love their Windshield Reminders®. We have been using Windshield Reminders® for the past few years, keep them coming!"

Stephen Howard

Multiple Store Owner

"Dollar for dollar, Windshield Reminders® have been more effective than any other form of advertising that we have used."

Tony Domenico

Multiple Store Owner

"I give out Windshield Reminders® to all my customers... for about half the price of a postage stamp... it's well worth it!"

Gus Papadopolous

Single Store Owner

"My carry-out orders have increased over 40% since we have been using Windshield Reminders®... I love it!"

Angelo Bekas

Mutliple Store Owner

"My job is to make 'the phone ring & the door swing', Windshield Reminders®... helps me do just that!"

Rakish "Rocky" Patel

Wings To Go Owner

"Windshield Reminders® are working extremely well for us. Our phone-ins are way up. Our customers love them, and even though they are sometimes hard to track, I know they are making a big difference in our sales. I just ordered another 10,000."

Jon Willie

Multiple Store Owner

"My customers use them. Windshield Reminders® are an important part of my local store marketing mix. I'm on my second batch!"

Darren Lingel

Papa Murphy's Owner

"Send me more, my customers love them!  Magnets are boring and don't work nearly as well.  People won't even take them.  One of my favorite games is to count my stickers in the Walmart Parking lot.  Six out of 10 isn't unusual.  I love 'em! I will not be without Windshield Reminders® at my pizza shops!"

Sabrina Gedrose

Multiple Store Owner

"We're the number one Outback in the Northwest in take-out, and one of the  reasons is Windshield Reminders®.  My customers love them.  I see them everywhere on their cars, and they use them.  We think they're great!"

Jason Bender


Outback Steakhouse

  Let us know what happens with your business!
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Windshield Reminders®

Create Customer Loyalty

Cost-Effective Advertising

Convenient for Customers

More Effective than Magnets

Increase Customer Frequency

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